Special Flair and How to Get Them

Flair are some of the most unique Virtual Gifts you can give and receive on Paltalk. They help you make a strong first impression and show off your personality and interests no matter where you go in the app. As some of you may have noticed, however, there are a few Flair you can’t find in the Virtual Gift Store. In order to help you live your best, most bedazzled life, we’ve compiled a list of all our special Flair and how to get them next to your nickname, too.

Name Example Description How to Get It
New Subscriber Flair Green ribbon The first time you purchase a Paltalk subscription, you receive this Flair for free!
Prime Gold Star Flair Gold star Subscribe to Paltalk at the Prime level and receive a free Gold Star Flair to celebrate.
Other Flair Varied There are tons of other standard Flair in the Virtual Gift Store, accessible to anyone who wants to purchase them. Although they are not exclusive, thy’re a great way to express your style. Popular standard Flair include the Flag series, the Martini (and other drinks), and the pink Heart.

Here are a few examples of how flair displays when you’re online:

Mobile View

Desktop View