Winner Announced! Lifetime Giveaway for Autumn

Spend 100 Credits to Earn an Entry

We have our winner! Congratulations to xIIx Peony xIIx, awarded a Lifetime Prime Subscription!


Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this, but you don’t have to, Pals! Visit the Virtual Gift Store today to send any gift in the Lifetime Giveaway Category for at least one entry to win a Lifetime Prime Subscription!


Every 100 Credits you spend in that category earns you another entry to our giveaway. Send larger gifts to get more entries in one go! For example, a 1000 Credit gift earns you 10 entries.


Only members purchasing these gifts receive entry into the contest, though purchases count whether sent to one’s self or another Pal. A winner will be randomly selected from all entries of 100 Credits after the contest concludes. The winner will receive a lifetime-duration Prime subscription giving you all Premium Prime features and access. Send some gifts today to get your entries in early!


Runs through noon Thursday, 10 October 2019. Contest rules and duration subject to change.

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