Crack Open a Mystery Egg


Crack Open a Mystery Egg Today

Celebrate this weekend with Mystery Eggs, now in the Paltalk Store.

With the return of the "Mystery Eggs" category, try your luck and see what wonders are revealed inside. Available now in the Paltalk Virtual Gift Store.

Simply select a random gift and you could find yourself with a prize worth up to 10,000 Credits — that's up to 50 times the value you pay. Want to be the owner of a shiny new color nick, subscription gift, or seasonal flair? Check this category out, and let your Pals know what you find! 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Available gifts are color nicks, subscriptions, and flair
  • More than half of the included gifts are available ONLY in this promo, not in the regular store
  • The category shuffles every visit, so sending the first gift twice may result in different awards
  • All gifts cost 200 Credits, but may be valued anywhere from 200 Credits to 10,000 Credits

Visit the Paltalk Virtual Gift Store to explore and crack one open today. Promotion runs 9am ET Friday 19 April 2019 - 3pm ET Monday 22 April 2019. Duration subject to change.

Crack Open a Mystery Egg Now!