2018 Russia Knockout Predictions


Rep the winning teams’ Flair in the knockout rounds for your chance to win prizes! Paltalk’s knockout predictions open at 21:00 CET on 28 June 2018 and close at 15:00 CET on 30 June 2018, so grab as many team Flair as you want during that time period — if those teams win at the Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals, you do too.

Win prizes for each finals round your team(s) make it through. Increase your chances by collecting all the qualifying teams’ Flair.

  • If your team is one of the 4 teams to win in the Quarter Finals, you win a 1 Week Prime Subscription worth 2,450 Credits!

  • If your team is one of the 2 teams to win in the Semi-Finals, you win a 1 Week Platinum Nickname worth 6,250 Credits!

  • If your team is the champion in the Finals, you win a 1 Year Team Flair worth 26,000 Credits


  • Only Flair purchased during the knockout predictions timeframe qualifies; no Flair purchased prior to the contest will be entered

  • Members may purchase more than one team Flair

  • Limit to one prize per round per qualifying member, regardless of how many of the winning teams’ Flair the member has for that round

  • Prizes will be awarded the next business day following each round (Quarter Final prizes awarded 9 July 2018, Semi-Final prizes awarded 12 July 2018, Final prizes awarded 16 July 2018)

  • Members may not gift prizes to another member

Game On! ⚽️

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