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May 22,2017 10:45 AM / Posted by Julia

Blemishes bugging you? Hair looking lank? Just want to stand out? We have the answer. The Paltalk team is excited to announce Video Filters, exclusively on the all-new Paltalk!

Apr 21,2017 03:30 PM / Posted by Paltalk

Recently, some of our members in the United Arab Emirates have encountered problems connecting to Paltalk. Here's what you can do.

Apr 12,2017 06:00 PM / Posted by Julia

As a tool of connection, video chat has no equal. It is immediate, aural, and visual — qualities that liken it to face-to-face interaction, a strong recommendation to our social natures. Unlike audio and text chat, video chat demonstrates our conversational partner’s physical existence, independent of their physical presence. We look them in the two-dimensional electronic representation of an eye and know that, somewhere in the world, they exist.

That is a truly modern experience.

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